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New Book and Video !!

Originally conceived as a music marketing production company, Nidus quickly branched into developing movies and musicals also. Licensing music for film and television, sporting events, and theater productions, Nidus has developed a steady clientele due to our very high standards of production, promotion and delivery. Our professionalism, hard work and years of experience in the art and business of making music ensures a consistent level of talent and commercially viable product. Please use this site to check on the many projects currently blossoming. Always on the cutting edge... Nidus is truly a place where things grow and develop.

Robert Calkin and Nidus Productions are proud to present the new book: "Everything You Need To Know to Start Your Own Medical Marijuana Delivery Service in the State Of California." Based on the original curriculum Robert wrote for Oaksterdam University, this book is the definitive guide on the subject and provides a complete overview of the industry, including a step-by-step method on how to begin your own delivery service. Robert now teaches at Oaksterdam University along with many other higher learning centers.

The video is a comprehensive adaptation of the book.




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