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NEW!!   Jimmy Coup gave me these articles from the awesome 20th Anniversary show
Dennis Keeley e-mailed me these pictures4-8-06

I picked up Ben Edmonds at the airport on January 30, 2002 (the guy that wrote the liner notes for Vagabonds, Kings, Warriors, Angels--the new Thin Lizzy 4 CD box set which I helped him do the research for). He said that the box set's notes were supposed to be twice as long with testimonials from everyone who knew Philip, but they cut them all out. Write to the record company and tell them to put them in the next printing as they haven't released it in America yet...(Thanks Ben for putting my name in there--one of the best feelings in the world is when you can pay some kind of homage to your personal hero and I think I have done that time and again for good old Phil...he was truly one of a kind. I think about him everyday...!

Rare acetate copy of "Rosalie".

Formerly owned by Ted Carroll Former manager of Thin Lizzy and recently sold on E-bay


The Irish Music
Hall of Fame
Phil Lynott

Can you imagine what Philomena must be thinking?


Phil Lynott Memorial '96 - Los Angeles

163 minutes of pure entertainment--all Phil songs by the finest L.A. has to offer. The surprises never end on this great concert tape. See Billy Sheehan rip through "The Rocker", Carmine Appice and John Norum on "Jailbreak" and Rude Awakening on "It's Only Money" and "Sha-La-La".

Watch a clip from The Phil Lynott Memorial Show
Rude Awakening
perform - Sha La La  iPod video format
All proceeds from the sale of these tapes goes to the Roisin Dubh Trust, a charity which is working to erect a statue of Phil in Dublin. Rage out people--buy this shit!!!
contact: - or - click for order form


Poem -
"The Vengeance of the Welshmen of Tirawley"
by - Samuel Ferguson

Bob says: Philomena Lynott gave me this poem and wanted everyone to know that this was based on the family history of the Lynotts, apparently an Irish clan which has gone back for centuries. This poem details some of the colorful Celtic history which influenced so much of Philip's writing. I found it to be an exciting delineation of his heritage--check it out!


The Event of 1996:
The All-Star Memorial Benefit Show for

substance abuse referral help line

The Roisin Dubh Trust


Thank You!

Billy Sheehan
Rudy Sarzo
Marc Ferrari
John Norum
Carmine Appice
formerly Life After Death
Rude Awakening
Tribe of Gypsies
Bang Tango

and all the other Artists who gave their time

August 20, 1996      Finalized Setlist

NOW SHIPPING!! We've had alot of requests for this, and here it is The PHIL LYNOTT Memorial show - VIDEO!
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Philomena Lynott was present for an exclusive book signing of her latest novel "My Boy", a poignant re-telling of her life with Phil.

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