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  •  Park your browser at Joe's Garage. This official page by the Zappa family is really nice (with pointers to most of the others).
    For those of you unfamiliar wit' the nakkin', 'DIS be the nakkin'

    • Brainstorm - The Official Brainstorm Web Site
    • and - These are the only sites doing anything about illegal immigration...sign up now and Boycott Miller Beer!
    • hardradio hard
rock and heavy metal internet radio
    • hardradio hard
rock and heavy metal internet radio
    • - No borders from the bottom of Mexico to the top of Canada. All to get Mexican oil, Canadian oil and Canadian water!!
    • Answer? - Mohammed
    • - If you don't know about the China Threat and still think we shouldn't be at war in Iraq, you haven't seen this site
    • to get your very own bobblehead Mohammed to give as gifts to all your loved ones this Christmas?!!

    • - everyone is gay on this site--but it's only a joke so don't get all uptight...don't believe me? Then enter ( and find out!
    • Snakepit - Snakepit - Heavy Metal Magazine
    • www.drturi.comThis site is mind blowing! Is there hope for the future?
    • - The best online music mart in Germany
    • - The coolest way to access all your Philip Lynott needs...
    • - The nexus of bondage and domination
    • Hollywood Music - home of Rock City News.
    • - This is a record company in Virginia who put out cutting edge stuff. They are currently about to release a "Tribute To Lou Reed" CD...
    • - This Johnny guy knows how to get the job done internationally. Check him out...
    • Fishbone - the funkiest band on the planet. Fishbone live in concert have been described as "tighter than a mosquito's ass".
    • The Manifesto Records Home Page - Tom Waits, Tim Buckley, and The Rugburns are some of the artists located at Manifesto central.
    • Music Connection - It IS who you know!
    • - The best damn "narc and dealers"board game of all time is back in circulation.
    • - Bob's favorite band in the world. After Thin Lizzy of course...
    • - Where you can place your hit songs and not get ripped off...
    • Nick Menza - Ultimate Drummer, Ultimate Site.
    • - an unparalleled source of info and metal links
    • - ask free law questions here (gives a really prompt response!)
    • Hot Press - Ireland's most indispensable publication. The essential guide to what's happening musically, both nationally and internationally.
    • Demonizer - The coolest band in Holland -- when Rude Awakening isn't there!
    • Barry Rudolph - One of the most reliable sources of info on gear
    • - Music gear news, reviews, contests, giveaways and shopping
    • - Go to ...
    • - Be all you can be! (but remember -- guitar is dead!

      B.C. Rich